Wednesday, June 01, 2011

mazuin hamzah - mimpi sedih

Terkenang semasa dulu
Hatiku bertambah rindu ....

Nothing much to do at home these days. So I flip over the old photo albums and found few pictures I'm willing to share with you people! (=^_^=) ... But today let's recall if you guys/Malaysians would remember of one of popular singer back in 1980s - Mazuin Hamzah, the beautiful lady singer during her era? I heard she is a cousin of another cute singer, Amy Mastura.I'm sure you rememberr Amy but do you know or remember Mazuin Hamzah? She was once married to a family member of Sultan of Brunie Darussalam and divorced.

Oh well, I am not going to talk about her marriage or personal life but about the picture of me & her.  You might wondering how could I took a picture with her at the back stage? Was my father working for an entertainment company, or was my father was the security officers during concert or anything like that? Nope is the answer!

She was invited to perform to the estate people back at Felda Teloi Timor, Kedah the place that my dad worked as the estate manager for 5 years. Take a look at the picture and don't bother my slipper. She looked so beautiful that night especially in that particular blue dress but she looks more prettier without make up. I really like her smile. 

Picture 1: Norul and Mazuin Hamzah

Till I write again enjoy the video.


Mak Wardah said...

salam. ada tak gambar @ artikel teraru about her..minat sangat kat dia

Flip-flop (Norul) said...

Masih Mencari... tapi tak jumpa lagi. Inshallah akan diusahakan. :-)